Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Demo Reel

This is an update of my demo reel. I fixed some of the issues that I had with my graduating reel and made some additions. I decided that it was important to show the render layers of the ship in the city. These layers included a luminance depth pass, an ambient occlusion pass, light fog passes for the headlights and the moonlight, a beauty pass, an incandescence pass for the glowing areas of the ship, and an extra glow pass for the headlights. For the Mandy 3d anatomy study, I fixed the issue with the Maya Sun and Sky bleaching out the scene and I also fixed the Maya Fast Skin Shader on Mandy as well. I decided that I should include a short rigging demonstration since I believe that to be an important skill worth showcasing. The rig is complete with FK IK Spine, Legs and Arms and also includes a no-flip system for the legs and arms that eliminates the need for pole vectors. The project also includes a complete facial rig and a dynamic hair system. I included a wireframe pass to illustrate the low poly geometry of the figure. The heart gadget was a project created for the University of Minnesota and was developed during my internship at Ghost Productions. The Optimal Optimus scene was re-rendered using Global Illumination, Final Gather and Maya Sun and Sky. Originally, I had to make due with a simple directional light set up due to time constraints and rendering issues. I decided to include a quick wireframe pass of this project as well to showcase the geometry.

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