Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I am doing.

It has been a while since I have posted anything. Mostly because I have been busy trying to prepaire for my journey to Germany. I am currently working on a few things that I will be posting about soon. The first is my new website. I recently have felt that I could do much better web design now that my knowledge on the subject is much greater then before. I decided to go for a "Little Big Planet, Coraline, and Nine," look that invokes a more playful feeling and something that fits the "Mittens" persona a little better. I will probably update my demo reel to better fit this theme as well, but I am currently working on a lot of projects I would like to finish first. One such example is the Zombie project. Some friends and I have recently come together to create a zombie animation for the Nation Undead website. We are currently in preproduction but will be doing some hardcore modeling soon. I am really satisfied with my group members and I believe we will have an amazing animation when everything is said and done. I will post my character designs when I have access to a better scanner. I also recently finished my internship at Ghost and am very satisfied with that project as well. You can find the finished animation on my 3D page and segments in my demo reel. Also, the clients I produced the animation for built a scale replica of the model for a presentation and the animation received a lot of positive attention. The images of the model and my website work in progress can be seen below. Toodles!